IMPORTANT: Position the AquaVac ®-LGS where fluid falls from the surgical site. Connect to suction. Arrange drapes to deliver fluid to the top of the mat. Please refer to this instruction manual.

AquaVac ®--LGS is an effective and economical solution for water control in the operating room during arthroscopic surgical procedures, as well as any surgical procedure that causes fluid to spill on the operating room floor.
Great for Urology too!

AquaVac ®-LGS is a mat fabricated from a special compound of high-grade rubber, precision-molded to ensure full contact and water seal with the operating room floor. AquaVac ®-LGS uses standard operating room Suction to remove spiled saline before it can pool and spread away from the operative area. AquaVac ®-LGS has been tested and shown to remove 100% of spillage during arthroscopic surgery, when used properly.


AquaVac ®-LGS enhances surgeon comfort and surgical performance with improved footing on an otherwise wet operating room floor. Operating room turn-over time is greatly reduced by limiting the work required to clean and dry the surgical floor between cases. AquaVac ®-LGS decreases lability for slips and personnel injury on the wet operating room floor. Rapid removal of potentially contaminated body fluids in the operating room is an additional benefit of AquaVac ®-LGS

  • The AquaVac ®-LGS is a single suction mat. There are 3 individually shrink-wrapped mats per case. This mat measures 34 x 48 x 14" (12 Sq. Ft.)
  • Made from quality high-grade rubber – recyclable
  • Latex-tree
  • Great for Urology too!

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