AquaVac ACL-300

AquaVac® ACL-300 is an effective and economical solution for water control in the operating room, during arthroscopic surgical procedures for ACL repair.

AquaVac® ACL-300 is a 50” by 33” double mat system fabricated from high-grade rubber that seals to the operating room floor. AquaVac® ACL-300 uses standard operating room suction (18 in. Hg) to remove spilled saline before it can spread away from the operative area and directs it to a canister for proper disposal. AquaVac® ACL-300 has been shown to remove 95% of spillage during arthroscopic surgery when positioned and draped properly.

AquaVac® ACL-300 enhances surgeon comfort and surgical performance with improved footing on an otherwise wet operating room floor.

AquaVac® ACL-300 decreases the liability for slips and personnel injury on the wet operating room floor.

AquaVac® ACL-300 greatly reduces costly room turnover time by limiting the work required to clean and dry the operating room floor between cases.

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Arthro Plastics markets rubber suction equipment for the removal and containment of waste during arthroscopic surgical procedures.



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